Sintra – necklace
Sintra – necklace
Sintra – necklace
Sintra – necklace
Sintra – necklace

Sintra – necklace

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Silver leaves necklace

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Silver leaves necklace

A necklace that was the ‘star necklace’ at Romanian Jewelry Week 2022. I made it using the lost wax technique, in silver.
It is part of the Nature’s Chronicles collection, inspired by the shape of some leaves found in a park in Sintra, Spain.

When I saw them I thought that I had to take one, because it’s too beautiful! Then I thought – what, won’t I find the same in some other places? Shall I take it her from here? And I left…

But I was still thinking about that leaf – it was too beautiful… And I turned around and I took it. I put it in a plastic bottle and it was kept like in a greenhouse until I got home. You see…?

And here is what came out of it! As she stood out when I saw it in that park, that’s how it stood out in Romanian Jewelry Week.


I can make the same one for you to order. It will be delivered in a rigid black box, tied with string and Allegra label.



Colier cu frunze din argint

Un colier care a fost ‘colierul-vedeta’ la Romanian Jewelry Week 2022. Este realizat prin tehnica cerii pierdute, din argint.
Face parte din colectia Nature’s Chronicles, inspirat din forma unor frunze gasite intr-un parc din Sintra, Spania.
Cand le-am vazut am zis – rup una, ca prea-i frumoasa! Apoi m-am gandit – ce, n-oi gasi eu la fel si prin alte parti? Sa ma car cu ea de aici? Si am plecat…
Dar mi-a ramas gandul la frunza aceea – ca prea era frumoasa… Si m-am intors. Am luat-o, am pus-o intr-o sticla de plastic si s-a pastrat ca intr-o sera pana am ajuns acasa. Ca sa vezi…
Si iata ce a iesit! Cum a iesit ea in evidenta cand am vazut-o eu in parcul acela, asa a iesit in evidenta la Romanian Jewelry Week.
PS. Ii spuneam Andrei in – fiicei mele – timpul evenimentului, ca acest colier place cel mai mult. Si ea mi-a raspuns: “Pai cred si eu!!!”

Unul la fel il realizez pentru tine la comanda. Va fi livrat intr-o cutie neagra rigida, legata cu sfoara si eticheta Allegra.

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