Naeela ring
Naeela ring
Naeela ring

Naeela ring

150 RON ~ EUR 30.00 - USD 30.00

Silver ring with Pietersit stone

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Silver ring with Pietersit stone



Made to order with the customer’s stone or with one indicated by the customer

The Pietersit stone is loaded with purifying energies that can free you from toxic energy. It is important that the aura is cleaned from time to time so that negative energies do not accumulate. And the Pietersit stone is one with a protective role that can protect you against any evil. You will benefit from protection against psychic attacks, but also against physical or emotional attacks.


Inel din argint cu piatra de Pietersit

Realizat manual


Se realizeaza la comanda cu piatra clientului sau o piatra semipretioasa indicata de acesta

Piatra de Pietersit este incarcata cu energii purificatoare care te poate elibera de energia toxica. Este important ca aura sa fie curatata  la intervale periodice de timp astfel incat energiile negative sa nu se acumuleze. Iar piatra de Pietersit este una cu rol protector care poate sa te protejeze impotriva oricarui rau. Vei beneficia de protectie impotriva atacurilor psihice, dar si impotriva atacurilor fizice sau emotionale.

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