Morning Glory Earrings
Morning Glory Earrings
Morning Glory Earrings

Morning Glory Earrings

475 RON ~ 95.00 EUR - 95.00 USD

Silver Morning Glory earrings


Silver Morning Glory earrings


Inspired by the shape of Morning Glory leafs – to guide you into a glorious day, every day!





Weight: 9.3 g Sterling Silver

Size: it depends on the real leaf’s dimension

The product is delivered packed in a black rigid box with string and Allegra’s label



Cercei din argint in forma frunzelor de zorele

Inspirat de forma frunzelor Morning Glory – pentru a te ghida într-o zi fabuloasă, în fiecare zi!


Realizati manual



Gramaj: 9.3 g Argint 925

Marime: depinde de dimensiunea reala a frunzei de zorele


Produsul este livrat intr-o cutie neagra rigida, legata cu sfoara si eticheta Allegra

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