Filigree fairy leaves necklace
Filigree fairy leaves necklace

Filigree fairy leaves necklace

110 RON ~ 22.00 EUR - 22.00 USD

Metal ‘filigree’ black leaves necklace


Metal ‘filigree’ black leaves necklace



Did you know…?
Did you know that the metal leaves in these necklaces are made from natural leaves?
Well, yes! Originally they are natural leaves! As I like to transform nature into jewelry!
At first it is left to decompose and with a lot of patience and delicacy the chlorophyll is removed. Only about 10% of them will survive. Then, it is metallized and covered with copper. The different color comes from different types of galvanization.
They are becoming fabulous.
Each in its uniqueness.

The clasp is silver-plated

Material: galvanized metal

The product is delivered packed in a black pillow box with string and Allegra’s label

Colier cu frunze metalice ‘filigranate’ negre

Realizat manual



Din ciclul “Stiai ca…?”
Stiai ca frunzele metalice din colierele astea sunt realizate din frunze naturale?
Ei bine, da! La origine sunt frunze naturale! Asa cum imi place mie sa transform natura in bijuterii!
La inceput se lasa sa se descompuna si cu foarte multa rabdare si delicatete se indeparteaza clorofila. Doar vreo 10% rezista. Se metalizeaza si se acopera cu cupru. Culoarea diferita provine din diferite tipuri de galvanizare.
Devin fabuloase.
Fiecare in unicitatea ei.
Inchizatoarea este placata cu argint
Material: metal galvanizat

Produsul este livrat intr-o cutie neagra tip-pernuta, legata cu sfoara si eticheta Allegra

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